Terminology Management

A lack of terminology management can lead to major efficiency losses.

Terminology inconsistencies and inadequacies frequently result in organizations wasting valuable time changing and adapting terminology to each particular account, product or customer.

Companies with continuous translation requirements

If your company regularly translates technical content, there may be discrepancies in the terms that the professionals translating that content would use. Different departments or translators often use completely different translations for the same term.

Product manuals provided by the company use one term, the team developing the website content might use other term, technicians might use other terms in their daily conversations that nobody is aware of, so ... there are many possible scenarios.

Sometimes, even within the same group of people (manuals, website, technicians, reports, etc.) different terms are often used.

Companies providing translation services

This lack of uniformity costs time and money, it delays processes, and it puts the company’s external and internal reputation at risk

Translation companies don’t necessarily maintain organised terminology databases. They trust their regular translators to keep terminology correct and consistent.

And what happens when there is turnover of translators? Or when that valuable Excel file containing all the terms is lost, becomes outdated or is updated by more and more different individuals who ignore the terms already there... and add new terms in a piecemeal fashion.

Or, when an enormous, highly-technical project has been awarded, and it requires dividing up between several translators ... and all these translators select a different translation for the same term.


HCR makes all its company-specific expertise available to companies that are required to create and/or manage terminology databases.

We harvest important terminology from your organization or your project or specific documents. With our in-house tools and a trained team specialized in this process, we can send you a file with your most appropriate technical terms.

Terminology translation

This file may simply be a harvest - where the harvested terms are not translated by HCR - giving the customer the freedom to do so.

Terminology management

Or, it could be a harvest with the respective translation - where the harvested terms are then translated by HCR according to the subject area and the purpose of the project/document.

HCR can help you to organize all of these processes.

HCR is the Portuguese distributor of the most important language solutions worldwide. With the SDL Language Technology products: Freelancer, Company and Corporate, the whole terminological management process becomes easy and effective.

With this technological base, our teams, in collaboration with the Client, can plan, create and manage terminology management systems providing an exceptional advantage to the Client in terms of terminology adaption and consistency both internally and externally.