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Tell us about your idea, objective or specific requirements and tell us which markets you wish to operate in.

In collaboration with your communications team, we investigate the best way to transmit this message on the domestic and international markets, and think about which languages are preferable for these purposes.


Experience, technology and drive

HCR Language Solutions was founded in 1985.

With many years of activity, and composed of specialists in IT, linguistics, and communication, HCR has evolved to be an excellent partner for your organisation.

We compete in the most demanding of markets, and we provide translation services in the most important languages worldwide. With our experience, technology and drive, we deliver beyond our customers' expectations.

We build multi-disciplinary teams of specialists from every nationality, with the necessary knowledge-base to provide a global service. Our teams are high-achievers and they strive to achieve more each and every day, regardless of the challenges they face.

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Translation Company

- Informática e Traduções, Unip. Ltd.

Legal status: Sole Proprietor
Sole shareholder: João Ruivo
Share Capital: €74,821.11
Number of employees: 12
Number of collaborators: 50
Holdings: HLT (100%)

Member of:

Rua da Arrábida 59 1º
1250-032 Lisboa

Bank details:
Barclays Bank
Account Number: 0269 0154 00204503059 91
IBAN: PT50 0269 0154 00204503059 91

Tax Information:
Taxpayer identification (NIF): PT501629505

Commercial Registration No. 501629505